Plastic surgery in Turkey 2023

Plastic surgery in Turkey 2023
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Plastic surgery in Turkey 2023

Through the medical development reached in Turkey, the demand for plastic surgery in Turkey has significantly increased in recent years

Today, plastic surgery in Turkey has become easier and safe in terms of implementation, which greatly contributed to its development through its doctors’ experience.

The goal of plastic surgery is to reach a better appearance, whether the person was in an accident, experienced burns of different degrees, had an increase in weight as a result of a certain disease as well as after pregnancy and childbirth for women.

What are the types of plastic surgery in Turkey:

Weight loss operations

There are several ways to get rid of excess weight, but the choice of the appropriate method or process is based on the person’s weight, health condition and sebaceous mass.
After the sebaceous mass is determined, the appropriate process is chosen, which is determined by the doctor or the medical specialist. We must however note that there is no process to get rid of the weight directly, but it is an auxiliary procedure that must follow several steps post the procedure in order to get rid of this weight.

The stomach balloon method is chosen if the patient’s fatty mass ranges between 32 and 34, which is a non-surgical method. This process is carried out through the method of inserting an oral end to the patient’s stomach, a medical balloon that is placed in the stomach that is intended to reduce the area of the stomach and help the person feel satisfied with less food.

It takes the stomach balloon from 15 to 20 minutes and is under light anesthesia (hypnosis). This balloon is removed after only 6 months. During this period, the patient is followed by a nutritionist to help lose weight in a healthy and effective way without harming the health of the body.

People lose between 15 to 25 kilos during the 6 -month period

As for the process of gastrating the stomach, it is chosen for people whose fat mass is higher than 34, which is a surgical process, but the modern methods that medicine reached has less side effects.

The process is carried out by opening 3 to 4 small transverse holes in the abdomen as well as one large opening. The scaling part of the stomach through a large hole performed by the doctor.

After performing the operation, the patient is supported by a dietitian, and here we recommend a complete commitment to the instructions of the nutritionist until the patient loses the required weight without any side effects, especially in the first period after the operation. The process takes between an hour to two hours and is under general anesthesia.

People lose between 60 to 75% of excess weight after the operation.

Body sculptures (liposuction)

Body sculpting operations are among the highest demand in Turkey due to the existing modern technology and local doctors’ experience.

We must clarify that the liposuction process aims not to lose weight, but rather carving the body and re -determining the shape of the body, especially for people who lost weight significantly or for women after birth.

The liposuction process is carried out by a number of techniques that will be explained in a separate article through determining the best method and the effect of each procedure and its consequences. This process is for several areas of the body, especially the abdominal area, limbs, back, arms and thighs.

This process usually takes between 4 hours to 6 hours, depending on the number of areas to be operated on.


The rhinoplasty process is divided into two types, normal nose which means that the nose only needs minor cosmetic procedure or a more complex one which is more detailed and specific.

The patient chooses the desired shape of the nose, in addition the doctor gives a cosmetic medical opinion so that the shape of the nose is suitable the face and the result is satisfying and adequate.

The rhinoplasty is a simple, uncomplicated process, and the operation period is between an hour to two hours, depending on the condition and requirements of the patient’s nose.

Facial plastic surgery

There are different types of face plastic surgery in Turkey, they are either for eyelids, ear, cheeks, or chin, as well fillers through golden threads and in advanced cases through surgical tension.

The type of procedure and most suitable one based on the patient’s condition is determined after the examination and diagnosis made by the specialist, this is done through contacting the medical specialist and obtaining free counseling.

Lifting surgery

The goal of tension is to remove the flabs caused by weight loss, or as a result of pregnancy after birth for women as well as skin stretching, which is usually within the abdominal area, s or thighs. This is performed through a surgical process under full anesthesia.

This process is usually accompanied by the liposuction process and the aim is to obtain an ideal shape for the body and get rid of all the flabs on the abdomen, which is one of the most highest demand procedures in Turkey.

Breast plastic surgery

There are 3 types of breast plastic surgery for women, tightening the breast after losing weight or caused by breastfeeding and the aim in this case is to lift the breast. The second type is breast augmentation while the third is breast reduction, and the latter two are performed by way of wounding the bottom of the breast.

The breast is enlarged through silicone or self-fat injection in the breast. One of these methods is chosen based on the shape of the breast and the desired outcome of the patient after the operation

These are among the highest plastic surgery procedures in demand within Turkey. There are different types of operations and its detailed procedure, should you have a desire to obtain further information and a personal diagnosis you can communicate with the plastic surgery specialist in Turkey directly.

All plastic surgery services in Turkey through us is carried out in hospitals licensed by the Ministry of Health in Turkey and doctors with experience exceeding 10 years.

Why do you choose the Alkhal group when you decide to do plastic surgery in Turkey?

1- We follow a clear way of working whereas all procedures are explained prior to providing the required support in order for you to have complete details of our services.

2- There are no hidden charges, we present our services with full transparency and explain what our packages include as well as clearly stating what is not in scope.

3- We are always there by your side, from the moment you arrive in Turkey until the time of your departure, we will be regularly present for advice, translation and support in the event of any further needs or assistance that you might require whilst in Turkey.

4- All our services are of highest quality and constantly strive to eliminate any room for error while rendering these services which are made through the best available specialist in Turkey.

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